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Here at Wilson & Wilson Co., L.P.A., our team of attorneys have decades of experience working with construction industry stakeholders — managers, owners, contractors, subcontractors, and more.  We provide a variety of services on both the transactional side and the litigation side.

As a commercial law boutique, much work is predicated on our role as outside corporate counsel.  We often provide representation to clients who do not have the resources necessary to hire full-time in-house counsel, or who require specialized assistance in particularly complex matters.

Large construction projects are a hotbed for legal issues, as there are typically a number of interconnected stakeholders, with complex relationships that can influence liability and payment priority, among other things.  We work closely with clients to simplify and clarify these arrangements.

Our Construction Practice

We operate a broad real estate and construction practice, providing representation in a variety of matters relevant too construction stakeholders, including but not limited to the:

  • Negotiation and preparation of contract documents (i.e., mechanic’s liens, contractor and subcontractor agreements, etc.);
  • Filing foreclosures;
  • Pursuing construction payment claims and bond claims; and
  • Handling construction defect and premises liability litigation claims for both plaintiffs and defendants.

Construction industry disputes can be quite overwhelming for those who are not familiar with such litigation. Frustration is common, whether due to the ambiguous provisions of the underlying contract, regulatory complexity and uncertainty, and the consideration of business factors.

For example, a construction company may not be interested in getting “locked in” to a year or more of litigation (for a dispute involving a vague and uncertain regulation that would require thorough litigation to clarify).  Under such circumstances, collaborative negotiation would likely be preferable.

If you are in the construction industry (i.e., own a construction company), the team here at Wilson & Wilson can provide the assistance you need on the transactional side, as well as in any related litigation matters.

Specifically, our firm has represented a range of clients with vested interests in the construction industry, from individual contractors to large construction businesses.  The breadth of clients (and matters) that we’ve handled in the construction context have helped us to understand the many connected issues that tend to crop-up.  By evaluating these concerns with a more complete perspective of the matter at-hand, we find that we are able to identify less-obvious solutions that would otherwise escape the notice of big firm attorneys.

As a boutique, we benefit a great deal from our low overhead costs, and we pass those savings onto the client in the form of highly-sophisticated legal representation at competitive rates.  This is particularly important in construction transactions and disputes, which have a tendency to spiral into complexity over time.

Ready to speak to an attorney at our firm?  Call in or email us to learn more about how we can help.

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