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Here at Wilson & Wilson Co., L.P.A., our team routinely assists commercial clients — primarily small to mid-sized businesses — with commercial transactions.

We negotiate, review, prepare, and execute various agreements (i.e., lease agreements, purchase agreements, security agreements, etc.), navigate complex transactional matters that include mergers and acquisitions, and perform filings and other procedural requirements on behalf of clients.  Ultimately, we fulfill an in-house corporate counsel role for those who might not have the resources necessary to commit to a full-time stable of in-house attorneys.

End-to-End Representation

We pride ourselves on our ability to provide truly comprehensive, end-to-end legal representation. Unlike many of our competitors, we assist clients with both transactional and litigation-related matters.  It’s important to understand that transactional and litigation-related issues are fundamentally interrelated — a poorly-drafted contract could expose you to significant civil liability at a later date, for example.

We are keenly aware of this inter-linked relationship, and strive to minimize potential liability early (in preparing documentation for transactions) by utilizing the knowledge gained from decades of litigation experience.  Further, the fact that we have a track record of success in taking cases all the way through to trial gives us significant negotiating leverage in the commercial transactions context.  Opposing counsel recognize that the fairness of a given transaction will be evaluated strictly, and that any unfavorable matters could very well be litigated in the future (should a conflict arise).

Experienced in Handling Matters in a Range of Settings

We are experienced in handling matters before various commissions and courts, including but not limited to:

  • State and Federal courts
  • Tax courts
  • Federal Trade Commission
  • Food and Drug Administration
  • Federal Aviation Administration
  • Environmental Protection Agency
  • Trademark Trial and Appeal Board
  • Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
  • And more

These broad experiences have given us insight into navigating the complicated relational factors that can influence a commercial transaction.  By working in a collaborative manner with various regulatory stakeholders, we find that we are often able to secure a favorable resolution for our clients without risking further conflict.

Here at Wilson & Wilson, we have over five decades of experience handling complex commercial transactions at the state, national, and international level.  In fact, we have handled or supervised matters in a range of legal markets, including European Union, Asia, and South Africa.

We have a more thoughtful, considered approach with respect to representation in the commercial transactions context — our firm-wide commitment to detail-oriented, cutting-edge advocacy ensures that we have the tools necessary to successfully represent clients with transactional needs that span multiple jurisdictions.

If you require assistance with the preparation, review, and execution of various commercial transactions — from purchase agreements to UCC filings too mergers and acquisitions — then we encourage you to contact our team for comprehensive legal guidance.